Being «just» one thing never was a real option for me. I simply 

wonder too much and therefore find fulfillment in various fields of activity.

So I turned my things into my biggest asset: Broadness.

Today I combine political and social work with filmmaking, 

editorial and business. Promoting all of it together is my goal. 

Well, let me make your things into my thing...


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# 01

FILM | check references

  • FIXER: I have worked in various jobs, gained experience and networked in different industries. That makes me a fixer who gets things done.

  • LOCATION SCOUT AND MANAGER: Since I know a lot about Swiss geography, history and culture, I can find, approve and manage your locations.

  • LINE PRODUCER: I was the managing partner of a local production company for nine years and now I work as a freelance line or service producer.

# 02


It's crazy times we're living in. My believe is that we should build bridges, not borders. Next to film, communication and media, I'm devoted in projects which bring heavy opponents together, no matter what.

# 03


What I did to pay my bills | Tutor, flight attendant, bar keeper, cleaner, editor, journalist, photographer, snowboarder, sales representative, CEO, investor, traveller, teacher, cook, driver, gardener, student, B&B host, project manager, call center agent, advertiser, adman, care taker, campaign manager and all I forgot to mention.


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Work in chronological order

some of the projects I contributed to:

Companies in alphabetical order

some production houses I collaborated with:

Archer's Mark, London | Coasthouse, London | Cobblestone, Hamburg | Coolio, Beijing | Creative Concepts Films, New Delhi 

D Star, Bangkok | Dschoint Ventschr, Zürich | Feit Film, Zurich Focus Features, Los Angeles | Hearst Communications, New York Independent Media, Los Angeles | Jakiens, Sevilla | Letterbox Collective, Zürich | L'Isola, Milano | Mygosh, Zürich | Ores, Lille Peacock, Zürich | Screenplay, Jakarta | Stories, Zürich | Shining, Zürich | Tony Petersen, Hamburg | Who's McQueen, Zürich

People in alphabetical order

some directors and DPs I worked for:

Paul Thomas Anderson | Steve Annis | Salman Aristo | Colin Best Paulus Bruegmann | James Blann | Marcus Dineen | Daniel Paul Di Felice | David F. Geiser | Malcolm Roy Greenhill | Jean-Pierre Jeunet | Janusz Kaminski | Jay Keitel | Etienne Kompis | Asep Kusdinar | Henry Mason | Peter Middleton | James Spinney | Tillo Spreng | Felix Tissi | Valentin Vignet


( 03 )


August 1, 2015


This print magazine was an attempt to bridge gaps between open minded urban and conservative rural parts of Switzerland 

Website | Printed magazine # 0 | Online magazine

September 12, 2015


With this campaign, young voters have been motived to take part in the federal election of 2015. Over 3 million achieved contacts.


Website | Booklet

September 12, 2017

September 12th

A network of associations celebrates Constitution Day in Switzerland, a widely unknown date. 



( 04 )


June 16, 2020

Short Film Festival Shnitly | Shnit

I'm contributing to the local short film festival as a board member of the association for the newly founded spin off «Shnitly».


October 15, 2019

Film Office Hauptstadtregion Schweiz

Multiple provinces in Switzerland think about joining forces to create a film office and commission. I work as an author of the concept.


March 1, 2019


«The Absence of War», a long term media project about Bosnia-Hercegovina. Work in progress, a matter of the heart.


February 23, 2019


Some managing partners of the late Wiseguys, a cross media agency and production house are working on an online archive.


[link tbr]

November 19, 2016


Having brunch with local food, talking about stuff. That's the idea of this discussion panel. I was a founding member.



January 31, 2016

Schutzfaktor M

Swiss NGO's campaign against an attack on human rights. I worked there to coordinate the campaign.



April 15, 2017

Der Hauptsitz

Pioneering co-working facility of Berne, mixing work space and event venue. I managed the place for a couple of months.


May 28, 2023


Artist Harry Reichenbach is sailing around the world to produce «G-Cubes» out of plastic waste. I contributed as a consultant.



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